Sounds Good’s Good Sounds | Spotify Playlist (18.10.17)

Hello! As well as providing solid, well (ish) written reviews and recommending the hottest and best new music on a regular basis, we’ve also been curating a Spotify Playlist each week for those who’d like to experience new music directly into their lugholes. The Sounds Good’s Sound Good Playlist offers a short collection of tracks that have appeared in the blog’s email inbox or submission queues, or tracks that I’ve personally stumbled across via Spotify’s Discover playlist or Hot New Bands playlist.

I’ve not really given it the hype it deserves and have been a little sloppy on promoting it, so here’s a big old post about it that should (hopefully) become a regular thing every Wednesday. Below will be the playlist itself, as well as the setlist alongside a little sentence or two on why I dig the track a lot. We’ve got SIX followers so far which is great, so hopefully that’ll continue to grow and we can all listen to good music together. Love you. Enjoy.

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Small Skies – ‘Faces’ | Song of the Week

Small Skies are a band from Portland and this is their new single ‘Faces’. The world has seen a bit of a boon period for the sci-fi and horror genres this year and it seems this might be the perfect soundtrack for it. Could you imagine Pennywise jamming to this while he’s chilling in the drain? Would the upside down become a massive rave if this song was played throughout Stranger Things? Who knows, but I do know this – this song is great.

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