Single Review, Song of the Week

Yip Yops – ‘She’ | Song of the Week

Sometimes bands hit the sweet spot with everything. Their band name, their image, their sound, everything can just be seen as being so well put together. Yip Yops is one of those bands, as not only is their name so much fun to say out loud (go on, say it right now) but their new… Continue reading Yip Yops – ‘She’ | Song of the Week


Good Sounds Playlist | 21.05.2018

Whaddup! It's another week's worth of good music RIGHT INTO YOUR EARHOLES. Spread the good tunes all around, and make sure to Follow the playlist if you're not already. See you next week! Good Sounds Playlist this week contains... Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Shuffle' Funk Manchu - 'Bounce That B' Wild Beasts… Continue reading Good Sounds Playlist | 21.05.2018

EP Review, Release of the Week

No Hot Ashes – Skint Kids Disco | Release of the Week

Skint Kids Disco is the new EP from No Hot Ashes. I became a fan of the dudes from Stockport after hearing their debut single ‘Goose’ way back in 2014 and am happy to see them still fulfilling their potential today. If you’re into scrappy Math Rock with a hint of groove then I’d definitely… Continue reading No Hot Ashes – Skint Kids Disco | Release of the Week

Single Review

The Harriets – ‘Harry’ | Single Review

The Harriets are a band from Leeds and this is their new single ‘Harry’. These guys seem to be building quite a bit of buzz, having won a Bingley Music live slot and receiving airplay on BBC 6Music, so it makes sense to get into them now before everyone else so you seem really, really… Continue reading The Harriets – ‘Harry’ | Single Review

Album Review

Firestations – The Year Dot | Album Review

The Year Dot is the new album from Firestations. It’s their second album and I was excited to check it out after hearing their excellent single ‘Build A Building’ which still receives heavy rotation to this day. It kicks off the record in a great way with it’s lead hook still plinking it’s way into… Continue reading Firestations – The Year Dot | Album Review

Single Review

Soft Streak – ‘Ride’ | Single Review

‘Ride’ is the debut single from Soft Streak. Soft Streak is made up of a dazzling duo in Tori Schachne and Colton Toy and well, they look to make music that delivers groove right out of the left field. I dig it. The song is built up of soft synths that ease their way into… Continue reading Soft Streak – ‘Ride’ | Single Review