Aaron Taos – “Bangs” | Single Review

Using his tools of guitar and vocals, Aaron Taos describes the feeling we all get when we have a crush on a girl. Via the use of jangly riffs and hazy solos, Aaron details his anguish at fancying a lady but being too scared to talk to her in the most relaxed way imaginable. This laid-back affair is head-bobbingly catchy and full of depth that’s relatable from the get go.


Cheap Perfume – “It’s Okay (To Punch Nazis)” | Single Review

I mean, I never thought I’d ever have to use the word “Nazi” on this blog but then again, Cheap Perfume thought they’d never have to say things that are obvious. The wonderfully titled “It’s Okay (To Punch Nazis)” is a politically-charged track that’s straight to the point and doesn’t skimp on the details. The gutsy females spit lines about politics and feminism and society and it all seems very on the nose with regards to modern society’s hot topics, and they pair this with an instrumental that’s full of punky riffs and heavy hitting drums to really drive home the point. It’s quite polarising but very enjoyable to just sit in the middle of too.

Cassia – “Sink” | Single Review

It’s almost impossible not to have a smile on your face when that intro kicks in. Cassia’s “Sink” tears through the airwaves with a guitar lead that effortlessly cool and the rest of it is a wonderful display of youthful enthusiasm that could fit in any coming-of-age moment. Huge, wallowing vocals direct a chorus through a catchy array of guitars and akin to Circa Waves, it’s so easy to fall in love with Cassia. A great song.

Chasing Shadows – “Warning Signs” | Single Review

With a ferocious display of energy, Chasing Shadows’ “Warning Signs” is a track that’s deeprooted in guitars producing melodies upon melodies, before letting loose with power chords aplenty to create a nice contrast of both loud and quiet moments. The vocals deliver an equally passionate performance and seemingly blend in nicely with the instrumental, altogether producing a sound that’s complete and full of fire.

Beach For Tiger – “Something Good” | Release of the Week

Some tracks have the ability to drag you right into their world, and this is one of them. Beach For Tiger’s “Something Good” takes us on a psychedelic journey into the unknown – it’s full of wishy washy guitars which seem to bleed and flow into the airwaves endlessly while the drums seem to be the only solid constant throughout. It’s certainly something good indeed.