Frank Ocean – Blonde / Album Review


Four years ago I was nineteen years old working a dead end part time job at the local cinema. Shovelling popcorn and hearing “the customer is always right!” over and over was parts of what kept me existing on this world. At the same time, Frank Ocean released ‘Channel Orange’ and became the new face of RnB. It was a record that elevated it’s genre and was met with universal applause. It’s infectious atmosphere came with a collection of dancefloor hits and laid back tunes and also stocked the deep cuts with a sense of ambition that took the eardrums to dizzying heights.

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Free Download / TRASH – Give Up


TRASH are a four piece from Chesterfield and this is their newest single Give Up. In my lifetime I’ve experienced numerous situations where I’ve had to give up – the most recent being many attempts of purchasing Pokemon HeartGold online. Anyway, TRASH’s debut EP ‘Urban Glow’ was a hidden gem in the world of music as I found myself enjoying it’s scuzzy displays of Grunge, so would like to experience the same with this new single too.

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Green Day – Bang Bang / Single Review


Bang Bang! Is usually something I associate with Mick Foley, but since last week it has been adopted by Green Day. The veteran punk band have returned with a brand new single alongside an announcement of a new album titled ‘Revelation Radio’ heading to our faces in October. Bang Bang sees the band discuss gun violence within an instrumental that harks back to old school Green Day, resulting in their gutsiest single in a long time.

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Liner Notes #1 / Goodbye EHS, Hello SG

Welcome to Liner Notes! It’s a semi-regular series that’ll be used as a platform to write about whatever comes to mind. I believe on EHS I used the first submission of Deep Cuts (a predecessor series that was cut short before it truly got to blossom) to talk about how I went Skydiving for the first time, and how terrifying that was.

I suppose a good way to kick off Liner Notes is to talk about something that until this past weekend I never thought I’d do: start all over again. I decided to stop doing music reviews under the name Exploding Head Syndrome and spent the last two weeks creating an entirely new blog under a new name – Good Sounds. So this Linear Notes will answer a pretty simple question: Why?

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