Green Day – Bang Bang / Single Review


Bang Bang! Is usually something I associate with Mick Foley, but since last week it has been adopted by Green Day. The veteran punk band have returned with a brand new single alongside an announcement of a new album titled ‘Revelation Radio’ heading to our faces in October. Bang Bang sees the band discuss gun violence within an instrumental that harks back to old school Green Day, resulting in their gutsiest single in a long time.

With a high tempo guitar riff that screams tales of when Green Day produced tracks like ‘Burnout’, ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’ and ‘Platypus (I Hate You)’ Bang Bang is a track that lets loose and immediately fills the airwaves with chaos and uncertainty. This combines nicely with the lyrics, which appear to illustrate the mind of a mass shooter during a mass shooting, proclaiming statements of wanting to “be famous” and “be a celebrity murderer” which touches upon how much press the shooter gets over the mass shooting itself in the states.

Bang Bang is a great return to form from Green Day. It brings the band back to their roots and does a great job at making those roots sound really good. The guitar riffs are solid and full of energy, Billie-Joe Armstrong’s vocals are solid and keep up with the pace, and Tre’s drum solo towards the end is pretty sick too. Bang Bang!

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