Release of the Week / Tongue Trap – Girl Crush EP


Tongue Trap are an up and coming girl band from Edinburgh and this is their debut EP Girl Crush. With a name like that (means a vagina that’s very inviting to the tongue) and with track titles such as ‘Taco Tuesday’, ‘Period Pants’ and ‘Buttplug’ this EP could certainly be something we all need in our lives.

‘Taco Tuesday’ kicks off Girl Crush with a lot of personality and vibrancy with a nice nod to the wonderful act of oral sex. Scrappy guitar riffs fight with tenacious drums and handclaps to create an instrumental that’s perfect for the celebration of Taco Tuesday, which really ramps the joy in a chorus that curiously gets all the ladies screaming. I’m personally a fan of Taco Tuesday and I’m glad it’s ‘all you can eat’. Though I’m hoping not to deal with any cheese, or sour cream.

Girl Crush is a superb EP from Tongue Trap. It offers five tracks that are packed with simple instrumentals, catchy hooks and a whole of quotes. Tongue Trap have done a great job at providing a refreshing take on what it’s like to be a woman in the modern world, as well as discussing other topics like sex and gender politics while also keeping it upbeat with some hilarious lyrics. It’s great.

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