Not too long ago, Carly Rae Jepsen was the source behind the song ‘Call Me Maybe’. This track exploded into worldwide fame and meme-level infamy in 2012, and appeared on every single piece of media everywhere. The oversaturation of this sugary sweet nugget of pop music brought annoyance to a lot of people’s lives, and many wished that Carly would disappear into one hit wonder land with the likes of PSY and Afroman. Personally, I was firmly “Team Go Away” until the little songstress from Canada dropped ‘Emotion’.

This freakin’ record brought credibility and respect to Carly Rae Jepsen as it’s a superb record. It’s full of feel good vibes that harked back to the sound of the 80’s, and paid homage to it very well. It had it’s own hit in ‘I Really Like You’ and was packed with excellent little tunes in ‘Run Away With Me’, ‘Boy Problems’ and ‘Making the Most of the Night’. It was really, really good. So good in fact it made me write about her as if I was her biggest fangirl. As a newly-enlightened Jepsenite you can bet that I’m super excited for the release of Emotion: Side B, a collection of pop tunes that didn’t make it on the record.

‘First Time’ kicks off the EP with a vibe similar to the ones produced on ‘Emotion’. Sunny synthesisers lay down a beat that immediately adds some spirit to the air, which combines nicely with echoed synths and snappy drums. This counteracts nicely against Carly’s lyrics about heartbreak feeling “just like the first time”, but everything will be okay. It’s a refreshing point of view which was projected very well on ‘Emotion’, so it’s great to see it driven further on this EP.

Standout track ‘Higher’ flips the lyrical topics as Carly projects a booming chorus about somebody’s love making her feel on top of the world. Her voice ascends upon another instrumental that soars thanks to huge walls of synthesisers and guitars which really fit in with the song’s theme. This is relatable to everybody because there’s always that special someone in our lives who makes us feels good. For me it’s pizza.

Emotion: Side B is an excellent collection of tracks from Carly Rae Jepsen. It may be full of unwanted tracks from the ‘Emotion’ sessions but overall they come together to form an EP that’s cohesive and very, very enjoyable. It features a nice range of upbeat tracks and sombre cuts, plus the adorably hilarious ‘Store’ with it’s incredible “I’m just going to the store/you may never see me no more” chorus hook. Jepsenites Unite, this shit is tight.

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