Archivist is a four piece who have recently burst onto the scene and into my lugholes within the last week. In October they will be dropping their upcoming EP ‘Memo’ and fortunately they have gifted us with Everything Is Wanted as a little appetizer of what’s to come. If you like music that’s deep rooted in groove but also has the ability to haunt you just a teeny tiny bit then this is the track for you.

Featuring a bassline that struts along the airwaves, Everything is Wanted is a dangerous little number determined to get the feet tapping. Archivist accompanies it’s main riff with snappy drums and synthesisers which provide a beat that glitches and swells it’s way around the foundations, leaving behind an instrumental delivers a sound that’s smooth with groove. It’s a great track.

If ‘Memo’ follows everything we’ve heard from Everything is Wanted then it might be time to note that Archivist are about to drop something pretty great in October. The single is groovy, haunting and ever so enjoyable. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

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