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Wild Beasts have always been a band I’ve never really taken a listen to. Despite being around since 2008 they’ve not set my eardrums alight outside a couple good singles, so you can probably see why it’s taken a month for me to check out their new album Boy King. The lead single ‘Get My Bang’ did tickle my fancy however, and fortunately it’s home houses a few more excellent tunes too.

I’ve always known Wild Beasts to be a little bit naughty with their content and Boy King is no exception. Opening track ‘Big Cat’ is a slow-moving number complete with a looming synth beat and rigid rhythms which provides enough space for the breathy, falsetto vocals to slip into place in-between. It’s a very sensual number, and is complimented nicely with the occasional roar of guitars which stalk the airwaves before striking with a quick flurry of accessible licks before making way for ‘Tough Guy’.

This boisterous, ballsy track rips through the atmosphere with all kinds of fuzzy guitars riffs and licks that tears the humid air which an unexpected shock, but does allow things to settle once again into a steamy affair. It’s ‘Now I’m all fucked up/and I can’t stand up/so I better suck it up/like a tough guy would’ is a very enjoyable hook to sing along too, and Wild Beasts utilise it perfectly by repeating it throughout as the instrumental lets loose with an array of funky basslines, tight drums and a sick guitar solo too. Great song.

‘Celestial Creatures’ and ‘2BU’ thicken up their sound as Wild Beasts incorporate extra layers of synths and guitars to allow a natural progression to be heard. These tracks retain the spacious atmosphere but do a great job at delivering one or two riffs and beats that immediately swell things out to perform a much more assured, confident sound. This progression is brought home further as ‘He The Colossus’ heads down the 80’s electronic route with a huge synthesiser beat and fuzzy guitar riff which absolutely dominates the airwaves.

Boy King is a superb album from Wild Beasts. It’s a record that sees the band perfect their sound they’ve performed for five albums and delivers on a listen that’s full of straight up grooves and a hint of naughty sensibilities.

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