There are certain topics that warrant a “Have you been living under a rock?” response. Whether it’s Pokemon GO, North Korea or KFC’s Double Down Sandwich there’s always going to be somebody who claims to be unaware of it, followed closely by masses of people questioning their choices. Another one of these topics is Izzy Bizu, a sprightly singer-songwriter who has exploded onto the music scene this year. Her biggest single ‘White Tiger’ is all over the television, and she has made numerous appearances on various records and singles – most notably her contribution to HONNE’s ‘Someone Who Loves You’. Finally Izzy is ready to release her debut album A Moment of Madness and boy, it is a doozy.

Lead single ‘White Tiger’ is an upbeat number with playful piano keys and bouncy drums that deliver a perfect instrumental to Izzy’s light and happy vocals. It’s a simple little pop tune that uses it’s simplicity as a way to get into your mind thanks to some choice hooks. Its album cut is longer as Izzy contributes extra harmonies which help the track fit right in with the overall atmosphere of A Moment of Madness, but does retain a lot of the qualities that have made it one of the hotter singles of the year.

The record continues the trail-blazing sounds of ‘White Tiger’ throughout as the likes of ‘Skinny’ deliver on the bubbly goodness with a lot of happiness and a touch of soulful glee. It’s instrumental is bolstered by guitars which help ramp up the feel good factor of the track, allowing it to stand out as a highlight of the record. ‘Give Me Love’ features a rolling drumbeat that adds a touch of Indie vibes to proceedings and could easily be seen on a Two Door Cinema Record or something. It’s simple chorus hook sinks deep into the mind and once again Izzy Bizu has another little hit on her hands.

‘Gorgeous’ has become a personal pick-me-up song as Izzy proclaims about how somebody is gorgeous and that everybody adores you – something which gets thrown my way nearly all of the time. ‘What Makes You Happy’ sees guitars noodling their way through the vocals before combining nicely with a horn section and drums to create a blissful instrumental; it’s beautiful.

A Moment of Madness is a great record. It allows the world to delve deeper into Izzy Bizu’s sound which is given the space to explore other genres such as Soul and Indie, allowing the record to become a varied and very well crafted listen. It has a nice blend of tracks that utilise guitars, pianos and Izzy’s vocals which makes it easy to hear over and over again. It’s great.

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