Every now and then I have a realisation that maybe I’m not as in tune with the hottest new bands as much as I thought I was. Sundara Karma is one of these acts recommended to me by a fellow hipster who have seemingly gone under my radar, but fortunately their latest single She Said is catchy enough to get me fully inundated with them. These guys have been around for two years but it seems like they’re finally getting their big break thanks to a smattering of catchy, sunny singles over the past few months.

She Said has everything you could ask for from a hot new single. It has the catchiest chorus imaginable complete with easy to hear lyrics and an easy-to-sing-a-long hook too. This is bolstered by flurries of punchy guitars riffs and drums that seem hellbent on driving their sticks right into your face. All in all it creates a sound that comes tinged with sunshine and a little bit of love and lust and all the reasons to get a little bit hot and bothered in an effort to have a good time. It’s a great little tune.

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