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Kings of Leon – Waste A Moment / Single Review

Waste a moment and read this review of the new track from Kings of Leon.


Kings of Leon are one of the most consistent bands around today. Since 2003 these guys have released a new album every two to three years and soon they will be following up 2013’s ‘Mechanical Bull’ with ‘Walls’ – set for release on 14th October. The band have also dropped the first single from the upcoming album too, called Waste A Moment.

One thing that’s often lost among the more casual fans of Kings of Leon is that they had some pretty great records prior to ‘Only By The Night’ which were full of great songs that were tinged by Tennessee sunshine. ‘Youth and Young Manhood’ and ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ featured the likes of ‘The Bucket’, ‘Molly’s Chambers’, ‘Red Morning Light’ and ‘Four Kicks’ which are all songs that featured prominent guitar riffs and hooks that stuck to you for a long time. Waste A Moment is another one of those songs, as Kings of Leon drench it with sunshine-kissed riffs akin to ‘Supersoaker’ to really give it their trademarked laid back sound.

Since their most popular point it seems Kings of Leon have attempted to climb down from the dizzying heights of ‘Only by the Night’ by returning to their older sound. Waste A Moment is a track that follows the same pathway as when they first burst onto the scene, with solid guitars riffs crunching through crisp instrumentals and simple vocal hooks that really drive it into being a solid rock song. It’s another solid track from Kings of Leon, and I cannot wait to chill with these guys again in October.

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