Straight up this might be the greatest submission I’ve ever received. Justatethebootyandifeelgreat is the second EP from rapper/producer/engineer/booty eater Mouse Sucks, and I am in awe. This project from Booty World Records is all about the booty, and despite it being released way back in March I still feel like I need to bring this to all of your attention today.

The EP kicks off with ‘WaitingonthatTxtfromPervana’ which does a great job at introducing the world to the sound of Mouse Sucks and the overall feel of Justatethebootyandifeelgreat. It’s lo-fi instrumental comes in strong with harsh synths and frantic percussion providing the optimum seedy sounds for Mouse’s vocals. He spits lyrics about McDonalds, lady toes and eating cereal, bringing this project so down to earth that it could be your next door neighbour.

‘Mousey’s First Porno’ features a superb ‘Booty had me like…’ hook (something I find myself saying all the time) which combines with a slow-paced tempo and more lyrics of sucking toes and Uncle Phil and “40 other Fresh Prince” references to further question why I’m enjoying this EP so much.

Ambition truly ramps up in the six minute epic that is ‘Me Af (Bae Af)’ which sees Mouse Sucks break down the track into two sides – the ‘Me Af’ side and the ‘Bae Af’ side. Me Af features swelling synthesisers and glitched percussion to form an off-kilter beat which sees Mouse lay down lyrics of wearing a Sailor Moon backpack and hanging out with girls who have blogs, before slowing down for the beginning of ‘Bae Af’. ‘Bae Af’ heads down the more atmospheric route as synthesisers provide subtle cover against a deep bassline and what appears to be samples of cats(???) as Mouse talks about being ‘thirsty’. It’s a real sweet affair as Mouse announces his love for a particular lady as he proclaims ‘I chose you baby/My heart is all for you’ amongst all this feline sounds. It’s really, really romantic and I’m tearing up just reflecting on it.

‘She Said To’ sees Mouse Sucks throw his balls to the wall as vocals deliver harmonies that sound just about in register which could make Luther Vandross jealous, ‘Zendaya (Internude)’ swoops and swoons through the airwaves just as smooth as it’s sweet pun, and closing track ‘A Sexual Voyage to Idaho’ rounds things up nicely in a way that makes me wish I was on this sexual voyage to Idaho too.

Justatethebootyandifeelgreat has left me speechless. It’s an EP that references everyday things such as McDonalds and toes yet strives to hit the skies with ambitious cuts like ‘Me Af (Bae Af’). The lo-fi, scrappy production makes for instrumentals that are simple but provide enough atmospheres for each song to sound different, producing in a well-rounded listening experience unlike no other. This is something that needs to be heard all around the world. This isn’t a record just for booty lovers; it’s for everybody looking to experience some feelings. This is unreal.

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