Dyslexic Postcards is an alternative rock band from Miami and this is the music video for their wonderful new single The Shakes That You Make. I was turned on to these guys from fellow lovely bloggers Mytacism Music and promptly added them to the Sounds Good: Sept 2016 Playlist (plug), which in turn brought the PR people to my inbox thanks to it’s not lame cover picture. So thank you for that, SpongeBob.

The Shakes That You Make sees Dyslexic Postcards deliver an instrumental steeped in riffs full of groove and distortion. It’s easy going intro complete with surf-rock-esque melodies and pleasant synth sounds soon erupts into a display of hard rock intensity, with guitars coming in like a strong cavalry of fuck everything up. They enter with huge amounts of distortion delivering riffs that tear the face off while keeping hands gripped firmly on the hips. The band performs all of this chaos with a level of intensity that’s determined to showcase a strong desire to dance. The result is a track that is equal parts heavy as it is entertainingly smooth, making for one heck of a rocky cocktail of funk.

If you’re a fan of music that shifts and twists into a hard rocking behemoth of dance then this is the perfect track to get down to. The Shakes That You Make is a great song from Dyslexic Postcards, and the rest of the tracks on their new EP ‘Spare the Altar’ are pretty good too. These guys are possibly my favourite thing to involve Dyslexia – right up there with Dyslexia Untied. Check out the music video below and get dancing.

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