Eclectic Cinema, the International Synth-pop Duo, Releases New Album Backed by Live Studio Session and New Promo Video

About Eclectic Cinema
Mirek Jirku and Duncan Hendy met in 2015 in Brno, the Czech Republic, when they started working together. Quickly, they discovered a common love of analogue synthesizers and pure, well-crafted pop. After collaborating on several “artistic” endeavours, they realised that their true calling was writing and performing dancey and catchy retro-pop music. So, Mirek, the synth auteur, and Duncan, the classically trained composer launched Eclectic Cinema into the world.

New Album – Final Pleasures
Following up on last year’s “demo” album, Eclectic Cinema’s new album, “Final Pleasures”, released on the Frozen Cottage label on July 26, 2019, and you can find it on BandCamp at the following address

You can also listen to Final Pleasures on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Music and Amazon, etc. The album contains final and finished mixes of seven songs along with a radio edit of the lead single “Inside”. Taking a darker and more mature sound than its predecessor, it continues the band’s motto – great text, super arrangements, catchy tunes.

Recorded at the band’s Brno studios, the songs were also mixed in Brno Reset Studio. The songs represent the first proper meeting of their pop music minds and show the influences of their musical tastes such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Erasure, Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, NiN… With every song and release, there is a definite mission to push those boundaries further, yet at the same time, to have a recognisable musical philosophy, meaning exceptional listening pleasure.

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