Kishi Bashi is one talented dude and this is his new album Sonderlust. One of the biggest moments experienced as an aspiring writer was having Kishi retweet and post about my review of his debut album ‘151a’, today he’s a big deal and I’m still writing about music from my bedroom inbetween a full time job and an ongoing battle with laziness. From what we’ve heard from the new album – ‘Say Yeah’ and ‘Hey Big Star’ – we can tell that this is going to a record worth hearing, and could easily be an album of the year contender.

As expected from previous releases Sonderlust is a record that dabbles in numerous genres and delivers a sound that offers something for everyone. Opening track ‘m’Lover’ combines electronic synthesisers with vocal samples and Kishi’s croons to form an introduction that immediately takes the listener up to dizzying heights. It’s anthemic chorus is greeted with tribal drums and the sweetest twinkling of guitar melodies, sounding as if opening up into a world full of hugs, puppies and Snapples. Hints of strings are thrown in for good measure and it’s just lovely. A wonderful way to kick off the record, and leaves you excited for what’s to come.

‘Hey Big Star’ follows with another upbeat number dazzled with soaring synth and distorted basslines cuddling sunny acoustic strums, whereas ‘Say Yeah’ spills electronics throughout against an orchestral instrumentation. Things head into another realm altogether as ‘Ode to My Next Life’ increases the volume with a storming set of synth beats and heavy hitting drums to deliver easily the loudest instrumental on the record.

The sheer amount of variation on Sonderlust is ridiculous. The above paragraph touches upon it but Kishi Bashi has gone all out with bringing in influences and genres for this record. Orchestral instruments progressively make more of a contribution to the tracks but Kishi does a great job at maintaining the level of sunniness delivered by pairing it against bright and vibrant synthesisers. This electro-orchestra hybrid delivers something that’s well layered and emotive, while also keeping things light and bouncy enough to dance to. It’s a solid combination of genres, and additional hints of Indie and Rock keeps it all sounding well-crafted too.

Sonderlust is an absolute beast of a record. Kishi Bashi has always managed to astound with each record but this one takes the top spot. The amount of variation and layers thrown in to each of the ten tracks featured produces a sound that cannot be matched, and certainly helps the album stand out from the crowd. It stays upbeat throughout while also throwing in some beautiful string sections, which only help add to the sheer amount of depth it already has. Incredible stuff, I love it.

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