Years ago when I was an impressionable young lad with questionable long hair I fell into the depths of the music industry. I believe I was running my first music blog when I stumbled onto WTCHS, a band determined to destroy the eardrums with their mix of scrappy post-rock and lo-fi punk. This had me sort of initiated into a circle comprised of Out of Sound Records, PERDU and Sonic Unyon Records, where I became familiar with WTCHS and the rest of it’s spawn. Eventually I managed to escape during WTCHS’ downtime, but they seem to have found me again.

You Own Your Bones marks the return of WTCHS after a turbulent time which saw them scrap an album and changeup the lineup, acquiring new band members twisted enough to stick around for this next era of WTCHS. It boasts eight minutes of pure sinister sounds, and is downright terrifying.

With a simple two-note guitar riff repeated until the end of time You Own Your Bones immediately becomes a mind-warping affair as WTCHS begin to overload the airwaves with additional guitars, a stop-start drum beat and horns which contribute an eerie section dedicated to creep you the F out. This continues for six minutes, unsteadily beginning to spiral out of control as the horns begin to overwhelm the eardrums and cut through the atmosphere like an intruder before everything dissipates and nothing but white noise is left to comfort you. Eesh.

It’s a superb return for WTCHS and one that sparks the beginning of a new start for the band. Their attempt at producing something that’s vast in length succeeds at being unnerving and forceful in its approach to scare you. With Swans taking a bow it might be time for WTCHS to step up into that throne as the band you listen to but not sure why, great song.

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