Angel Olsen’s always been one to deliver something with a bit of oomph to it, so I’m happy to say that her new record My Woman is one that aims for the face and knocks you clean out. Her breakthrough came through 2014’s ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness’ which delivered some lo-fi attitude and general badassery, but My Woman follows with an assured and much more headstrong performance.

Intern’ opens up the record with Angel immediately telling the listener to ignore the press and concentrate on being you. Lines such as ‘Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done/Still gotta wake up and be someone’ and ‘I don’t care what the papers say/it’s just another intern with a resumé’ kick off the record against slow-paced basslines and soaring synths, signalling the beginning of a record Angel believes has quenched her thirst to create ‘something real’. It’s badass, and the excitement for the record builds from this moment on.

‘Never Be Mine’ strums it’s way to the eardrum slowly as Angel drawls on top of it’s intro before everything settles into place and becomes a fairly straight forward pop/folk tune. The track’s main hook comes across as a statement rather than a cry, and this gallant display of nevermind is followed up nicely by the straight up statements proclaimed on ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’. This punchy number features guitar riffs and distortion that perfectly suit Angel’s exaggerated vocal performance and statements of never giving up and wanting to be kissed and held tight. Great tune.

Grunge comes in strong on the track ‘Give It Up’, which Angel tweaks significantly into a superb rock n roll cut full of swing and heartache. ‘Heart Shaped Face’ slows down the pace with some chamber-pop sounds and eerie grooves, setting up the perfect canvas for ‘Sister’ – the first of two 7 minute tracks that deliver some excellent, anthemic instrumentals.

My Woman is an excellent album from Angel Olsen. She has come up strong in delivering all the sounds she wanted to deliver with an attitude that shines confidence and willpower. All ten of the tracks featured all contain instrumentals that are well layered and varied – while all under the vocal delivery of Angel, which remain superb and consistent throughout. It’s great stuff; a very enjoyable record.

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