Beach Weather – Someone’s Disaster / Single Review


Beach Weather is a band from the US and this is their new single Someone’s Disaster. Some say that it’s best to come into everything you do with low expectations, so to strive to be someone’s disaster is the perfect way to not let yourself down…unless you really wanted to be someone’s disaster.

With synthesisers, guitars and drums all working together, Someone’s Disaster is an upbeat, rock-tinged instrumental that’s as trippy as the music video. I mean, the Pineapple is staying still but the rest is melting?! Beach Weather pair up the guitars and the vocals to deliver a lead melody that immediately sticks into your head, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the track’s huge riffs and effortlessly catchy chorus.

Someone’s Disaster is a fun, upbeat number about a topic that probably isn’t all that upbeat. Beach Weather have produced a very entertaining and simple indie-rock tune that’s perfect for this end-of-summer time. Nice work lads.

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