Not too long ago I had a different blog and a contact page that essentially said “Don’t copy/paste mysterious shit, say hello” which looking back made me seem a right bastard but fortunately Daisy Victoria saw past that and said hi with a “dick pic to follow” (still waiting on that). Anyway, Daisy Victoria is a badass singer-songwriter and this is her new EP Animal Lover.

The lead single of the same name kicks things off with hugely distorted guitar riffs and larger than life melodies forming an intro that’s strong and thick with guts. Daisy’s vocals soar above the instrumental with incredible ease and wonderful delivery – bringing a little bit of exuberance to the tune. It’s a track that boasts confidence with references to strutting peacocks and generally feeling pretty good about yourself, which is awesome.

‘Holy Peace’ follows with an even bigger instrumental delivering an entire army of guitars laying down riffs that melts the face. This is accompanied with a lead solo that proper gets the blood boiled and the buttocks clenched. It’s off-kilter groove stalks the eardrums before letting loose once again with a chorus full of ascending sounds and anthemic vibes. What a great track.

‘Dark Water’ brings proceedings to a close with another intro determined to stick around forever before things begin to calm and more of ‘Holy Peace’’s groove shows up to add a little more groove to the tune. Orchestral guitar riffs pair up with the vocals nicely against shimmering cymbals to properly drive home the end of the EP in a fantastic way. It’s brilliant.

Animal Lover is a superb EP from Daisy Victoria. Each of the three tracks featured are all behemoths of solid rock music, all coming tinged with hints of orchestral elements and huge amounts of ambition too. It’s awesome.

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