Ronika – Stay Here Forever / Single Review


Ronika returns to the scene with another dose of summery, 80’s inspired electro-pop with new track Stay Here Forever. I always say those three words to things I like dearly – like my dog, good hair days, and pizza.

Stay Here Forever feature synthesisers delivering an old school sound that’s full of bright, vibrant colours against drums that remain obsessed to get the listener dancing as they collide nicely against some already groovin’ percussion. Ronika’s vocals meander throughout the metallic sounds to provide necessary hooks to keep this poppy affair all the more vibrant and the result is a track that harks back to the 80’s but delivers a nice, thick wedge of pure modern pop full of summery goodness.

It’s a pleasant song that’s full of reasons to smile and dance. Ronika has marked a strong return to the spotlight and hopefully she follows it up with some more material to get your teeth out to.

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