One satisfying part about being a music blogger is getting back in touch with old friends again. Billy Moon is a singer-songwriter and this is the music video to new single Roads, from his ‘That Which You Can’t Throw Away’ EP. I reviewed Billy’s ‘Young Adult’ EP back in 2014 and loved it, so I’m glad to see that the guy’s still around.

Featuring a lazily strummed guitar, Roads sees Billy Moon drift and pace himself through life as a simple drum beat adds a bit of thickness to an instrumental that mainly sticks to the same path. Tension and energy builds throughout as the strumming becomes steadily heavier before a chorus erupts in an explosive display of pure distorted rock whilst Billy’s vocals drawl and croon all over the place.

Roads is a solid tune from Billy Moon. It’s one that takes it’s time to get to the explosive moments but does take you on a hypnotic journey throughout.  Check out the trippy music video for the track below:

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