Queue are a band from Philadelphia/Washington DC and this is their debut EP Frames. In their short lifespan they have already been featured on various other blogs and have appeared on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist as well as radio play on Radio X.

Frames came out in June so let’s jump the queue and get straight to the good stuff. Queue’s mix of acoustic and alternative genres produces a sound that’s deeply rooted in rhythms but vast in atmospheres. ‘Falling Into Skies’ kicks off the EP with layers of Indie-tinged melodies and a heavy sense of reverb to really enhance the space Queue have to fill.

‘Struggle’ throws all sorts of percussion, basslines and sombre melodies together to form an off-kilter pop song with a dreamy haze. Second single ‘More’ lowers the pace a tad to allow the simplistic guitar riffs to combine with the scatty drums and soft vocals nicely. Within three songs Frames already proves to be an EP full of variation and solid songwriting.

Frames is an excellent debut from Queue. All five of the tracks featured showcase an assured and really well put together sound. It’s full of rhythm, percussion, basslines, melodies, harmonies and it makes for some very detailed and interesting listening. Great work guys.

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