Bartholin is a project spawned by Catherine Leavy and Drew Danburry, and this is their debut EP Bartholin. I wish it was easy for me to spawn musical ventures – the only claim to fame I have aside from writing a lot of posts about other people’s music is an album I created with my best friend many years ago. It’s the stupidest project I’ve done aside from trying to become Iron Man and creating a Pizza dispenser for your car.

Bartholin is a curious little EP filled with six tracks that aim to tip toe their way into your heart. It’s simple lo-fi production adds a touch of intimacy to the duo’s sound which features some haunting synthesisers and a tiny set of drums. ‘Peristalsis’ kicks things off with a hurried repeated drum beat mixed with some sweetly strummed acoustic guitars which delivers the sweetest melodies in the world. It’s a lovely little tune filled with rose-tinted glasses and some adorable harmonies.

‘Tinder Sex’ follows with a surprisingly calm performance featuring some haunting piano keys, chilling synths and a whole lot of the opposite of what I expected this song to sound like. Usually Tinder sex features a lot of way-too-soon dick pics and hurriedly arranging a date to have a little naked shindig but Bartholin somehow makes it sound a little more assured and romantic.

Ms. Leavy and Mr. Danburry have themselves a very good EP in the form of Bartholin. The EP is a low-key round of six well varied tunes comprised of simple grooves, sweet melodies and a lot of haunting vocals. It’s an EP to bob your head along to, and is dreamy enough to have you feeling a little bit content with life. Good stuff.

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