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Song of the Week: July Talk – Beck & Call

Song of the Week #3 comes in the form of July Talk's wonderful new single 'Beck & Call'.


July Talk is a five piece band from Toronto and this is their new single Beck & Call. These guys have just released second album ‘Touch’, and with how gritty and naughty this track sounds I may have to check it out immediately.

Featuring dirty guitars and tribal drums Beck & Call is a track that aims to get you a little hot and bothered. I absolutely love the palm muted guitars and the way they match up with the forever rolling drum beats, and the occasional wails the guitars makes as they attempt to break free of this rigid groove. The chorus sees the vocals let loose with a strong display, and the eventual climax of the track is a very pleasing eruption of passion. Guitars go crazy, drums go mental, it’s awesome.

Beck & Call is a superb song from July Talk. It’s a track that brings guitars to the forefront to deliver an instrumental that’s trapped in its groove, but manages to remain entertaining and catchy throughout. Good stuff from these guys, now to check out their album.

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1 comment on “Song of the Week: July Talk – Beck & Call

  1. WOW! Hot & bothered indeed!


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