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BDRMM – Crike / EP Review

A review of BDRMM's 'Crike' EP.


BDRMM is the bedroom project of Ryan Smith and this is his new EP Crike. Remember last week when the track ‘Everything’ was written about? This is continuity at its finest, and joins the likes of Community’s Beetlejuice joke and Chris Jericho’s Call-Tom-Phillips-Any-Name-That-Isn’t-Tom as the most continuous things in the world.

Lead single ‘Everything’ revealed a songwriter who knew how to write a good pop song. Steeped in reverb, this track collides watery guitars with catchy basslines and effortless harmonies to produce a very enjoyable, easy-listening sound which fortunately remains the ethos of Crike. Opening track ‘Cabbage (Hi)’ (Hello) kicks off with a thick head of psychedelic guitars which slip right into the mid-tempo BDRMM seems to enjoy playing against. It trundles along at its own pace while laying down sharp melodies in its way – a solid start to the EP.

The correctly titled ‘Middle of the EP’ lays down a simple instrumental that acts as a kind of pallet cleanser for Crike. However, washing down water with more water isn’t really needed; it does make for some nice listening though.

Things return to proceedings with ‘Day Off’, a wonderful little tune that sees the guitar effects dropped to deliver an instrumental that’s solid with riffs. BDRMM pairs this up with sweet melodies and basslines that make this track seem really romantic in a way. I’m in love with it. ‘Sunshine Girl’ brings things to a close with a summery sound complete with echo’d guitars and atmospheric synths which helps make this EP memorable.

Crike is a lovely EP from BDRMM. It’s an EP that makes for some distorted listening as it’s ability to deliver thick atmospheres leaves you feeling sleepy with satisfaction and wrapped up in a fluffy cloud of dream pop. It’s great.

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