Liner Notes #2 / Sounds Good, S’all Good

Sounds Good is now over a month old! That’s right, just over a month ago I decided I was going to put an end to a continuous battle with a clogged inbox by simply walking away. As a result I am a lot happier and relaxed about doing my hobby and this past month and a half has been superb for the blog and I. In an oversaturated world of people going “hey this is music, check out said music” I’m proud to say my newest baby has overdeveloped super early and already begun to find it’s legs.

The idea of starting anew was one that simultaneously brought fear and excitement to me. Despite being relieved to get away from Exploding Head Syndrome’s inbox and its 40+ submissions a day, it was the scarier parts of beginning all over again that overwhelmed me. Things like the obvious hit in views, lack of submissions and keeping EHS’ connections in the dark made me think I was going to be a sole figure in an overpopulated land, which sucked.

Simply put, the only way I was going to continue writing about music and promoting the little guys was through Sounds Good. EHS begun to get big for PR companies to throw 5/6 submissions at it each day, eventually causing enough smoke for the blog to catch fire. It got to the point where writing material for EHS became a dash in a house fire where I’d try and grab the important things before running out for air. Sounds Good is more like that quiet isolated shack you’d see amongst an entire field of green when travelling across the country, and provides air aplenty.

This past month and a half has been fantastic for Sounds Good and for me as an aspiring writer. The submissions are beginning to come through with a more personal approach (people are saying hi to me now! Aside from the email that opened with “Hi Myles”.), social media is increasing with Followers each day and the amount of buds I’ve made through SG as opposed to EHS is much better. Seriously, my new friends are the loveliest people in the world. I feel this is a great time to give props to Tina at The Daily Listening, Jeff at EclecticMusicLover, Emily at MytacismMusic, rapper Prodbear and Josh at SOUND MATE! PR and of course long-time homie Vanessa at House in the Sand as they’ve all helped make this whole starting over lark relatively stress-free and lovely.

The feelgood theme of Sounds Good has helped replenish my desire to write about music once again. It’s a blog that makes all of the writing, proofreading and scheduling fun to do, because I know that there’s a load of people supporting me along the way. I’ve also been able to have fun with the blog too, by writing genuinely stupid sentences and stories in reviews or via the Monthly Playlists I do on Soundcloud. Writing is fun for me again. I think it also proves that sometimes it’s okay to walk away from something that becomes a burden, and that life shouldn’t be about a perpetual battle to overcome the difficult things. Just have fun, and happiness will follow. Love you guys, have a lovely week. – Adam.



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