Song of the Week: Bleeker – Where’s Your Money


It seems all the best things are named Bleeker. There’s Bleeker Burgers which I strive to eat everytime I’m in London and there’s also Paulie Bleeker, played by Michael Cera in the wonderful coming of age and socially awkward Juno. Another name to add to the list is the band Bleeker, who have just released a video to their track Where’s Your Money from their debut EP released earlier this year.

Featuring a strong guitar riff repeated over and over, Bleeker has all the right levels of commitment to make a QOTSA fan like me proud. Where’s Your Money uses this formula to become a gritty little number determined to beat at the skull while also keeping a grip on the hips too. The use of male and female vocals help add a touch of feminine harmony to the mix which in turn allows things to become just that extra bit danceable too. It converts this dirty affair into an insatiable descent into the depths of hot licks and hip shakin’. It’s a fantastic track from Bleeker, and unlike Michael Cera, it knows just how sexy it is. Hot damn.

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