If you haven’t heard of The Daily Listening before then I highly advise that you spend today checking out all of it right now. It’s a great source of music which I scour each day to add to my personal playlists as well as to revel in awe at lead lady Tina’s unreal productivity. You might also see on there that I contributed a little post about today’s band, Wildlife. These guys are soon to release their new album ‘Age of Everything’ within the next two weeks, and right now we have the single 2017 to enjoy.

2017 provides some easy listening as Wildlife’s sound is perfect for the masses. Synthesisers pair up with guitars to fill the airwaves with a rich, vibrant sound that’s packed full of old-school influences and an unlimited amount of ambition. The vocals soar and rise above the highest of heights, and it just makes for some feel good vibes.

It’s a great track from Wildlife, and I cannot wait to hear more from their new album. Check out the video to 2017 below.

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