Not again…WTCHS are back with a vengeance. After a couple years which saw an entire album scrapped and a new lineup announced, the Canadian behemoth looks set to blow all of our faces off with the release of new album She Walks, She Creeps on 28th October.  Having already reaffirmed their resurgence in the form of ‘You Own Your Bones’ the band have decided to follow that up with Black Actors, a ten minute descent into a world of terror and fear.

Black Actors focuses less on providing hooks for the listener to grab onto and decides to stick them into their backs instead, making us unable to move away from it. WTCHS form a solid wall of noise as an onslaught of guitars rush at the eardrums in a charge determined to swell up the mind with a cacophonous atmosphere. Dismembered voices float amongst the sound, ramping up the sense of unease while the drums build up pressure with varying levels of rolls and trills to keep everything so thrilling…

…And yet for some reason, I can’t get enough of it. Black Actors is a haunting track that only makes me wonder why WTCHS never attempted longer tracks before. This new sound breathes a new dimension of terror for the band, and I cannot wait to hear how terrifying the new record will be. A great track.

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