Elle Exxe has been stuck on my mind since hearing her new single ‘Sick’. The track is something that shows that Pop music can have a bit of guts to it. It’s slick guitar melodies against 80’s inspired synthesisers made for a beautiful marriage of two instruments which reproduced a sound that made me very excited for Elle’s debut album Love Fuelled Hate. Mmm, instrumental coitus.

Fortunately Love Fuelled Hate maintains the balls that ‘Sick’ delivered for it’s beginning. ‘Your Love…’ kicks things off with thirty seconds of building the hype for ‘Lately’, which sees Elle’s vocal harmonies follow through onto an instrumental that’s packed with heavy hitting drums and the start of slick guitar riffs. It’s chorus soars beyond the skies as Elle kills it on the vocal front, and it rounds off what is a very good start to the album. ‘Lost In L.A.’ snaps into place with it’s ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ drum beat, scuzzy synths and Prince-esque guitar riffs, producing an almost Sleigh Bells-like performance out of Elle Exxe.

The record shifts in sound quite soon into the mix as the likes of ‘Home With You’, ‘I Do’ and the single ‘Sick’ introduces a synth-oriented sound which dissipates the rugged beginning and opts for an atmospheric delivery instead. ‘White Lies’ softly moves in motion as subtle electronic drums direct watery synths against Elle’s vocals, which take on a more crooning approach for the remainder of the record. It’s a strange change of pace and I’m not exactly sure why it’s occurred in the middle of the album, as things soon revert back to the gutsier sound for the likes of ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘The Hammer’.

Love Fuelled Hate is a solid record from Elle Exxe. She has delivered with a sound that’s strong and full of reasons for her to stand out from the crowd of the Pop genre. It’s full of songs that hit hard while also containing some cuts that appeal to the masses too. It’s pretty good.

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