Song of the Week / Jerry Williams – Let’s Just Forget It


Sounds Good is all about showcasing the next big artists and Jerry Williams looks set to be one of them. The twenty year old singer-songwriter has already piqued the interests of the media through the release of her single ‘Mother’ and looks set to continue to dazzle with the release of Let’s Just Forget It. Her debut EP of the same name is out too and has already been nominated for Best Record in this year’s Unsigned Music Awards, so she’s kind of a big deal.

Let’s Just Forget It is an emotive tune complete with subdued guitars and a lot of atmosphere. Jerry’s personal lyrics fill the space with a slight pained voice which is backed up by the most subtle of drums and a polite sheet of synths. The track blossoms into an eruption of heartfelt emotion which sees Jerry let loose and the instruments slip into a heavy mix of sparkling melodies and downtrodden riffs, culminating in a very good listening experience.

Check out the music video to Let’s Just Forget It below, which sees Jerry hang out on a cold looking beach in Portsmouth in nothing but a jumper. She must’ve been chilly.

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