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Michael Baker – The Steady & The Stuck / Single Review

A review of the new single 'The Steady & The Stuck' by Michael Baker.


Michael Baker is somebody set for a good career in Music. His debut single ‘Anywhere Anytime Soon’ has been praised everywhere and premiered on The Independent, so he has already been put in high regard. The Steady & The Stuck is the second single to come from his upcoming debut album ‘Dust & Bone’ and for a song about anxiety, it’s really rather calming.

Soft acoustic guitars combine nicely with electronic vibes as The Steady & The Stuck produces a sound that tugs at the heartstrings while also throwing wind right in caution’s face. Michael’s vocals lightly dust the instrumental with further calm vibes which allows the track to move in a steady motion. The flashes of synthesisers provide extra depth as swelling beats add a bit of texture to the mix, and also provide a foresight into the closing moments of the track too. It’s closing moments leak with beautiful string sections, heavily strummed acoustic guitars, electric guitars and synthesisers to provide a hard hitting way to end a track that begins to throw haymakers at anxiety’s face.

The Steady & The Stuck is a superb song from Michael Baker. It’s a track that starts off as a nice acoustic number but eventually blooms into something that provides all sorts of layers and depth, ending with a defiant close.

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