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One of the things I’ve enjoyed about starting a brand new music blog is finally being able to be on time with reviews for once; it’s strange being punctual. Anyway, Wildlife have released their new album Age of Everything today and if you read the review for their latest single ‘2017’ you would know that I’m a teeny tiny bit excited to listen to it. The track’s knack to soar through the eardrums and into the air like a glorious Phoenix of wonder made me fall in love with the band a little bit, so who knows what I’m gonna be prepared to do after hearing an entire album’s worth of soaring Phoenixes.

‘Dead Century’ kicks off Age of Everything with just as much ambitious grandeur as you would expect from Wildlife. Soft guitars perform sweet melodies that echo in the wind alongside synthesisers and drums that pulsate in the background, providing a solid foundation as Wildlife swift seamlessly into a chorus that immediately floods the airwaves with an atmosphere akin to the lands of Journey. This sets up nicely into ‘2017’ which showcases Wildlife’s more electronic side too.

However, the electronic side doesn’t last too long however as ‘Sleeper Hit’ comes along with a guitar that’s cranked all the way up to 11. A thunderous guitar riff kicks off this track to much surprise and suddenly Wildlife have a rock song on their hands. This guitar trend makes up the remainder of the record as  ‘Modern Freedom’ sweeps by with a guitar section that’s really sweet, and the melodic cuteness of ‘Skulls’ adds a touch of emotion to proceedings.

Age Of Everything is a superb record from Wildlife. It’s a record that has perplexed me with it’s true sound as it shifts from being ridiculously atmospheric to dancefloor-targeted electronic to swinging punches rock to cuddles in bed acoustic numbers within twelve tracks. It would’ve been nice to have heard more of a mix of all of the above within the same songs but I am very pleased to have heard what the record has to offer anyway. Wildlife have got themselves a great record here.

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