Kings of Leon once again return with a new album. These guys just love to be consistent, and fortunately the steady stream of new releases comes with a steady stream of good content too. WALLS is the latest record from these guys, and after a smattering of good singles in the form of ‘Waste A Moment’ and ‘Around The World’ it could be another solid record to enjoy in the California sun.

Lead single ‘Waste A Moment’ kicks off the record with fuzzy guitars riffs, an easy-going lead hook and all sorts of soaring harmonies to immediately set up the backdrop to the record. WALLS is gonna be the kind of the record you see hanging out on the beach every day, lazing in the sun with numerous beer bottles scattered around and a sweet sunburnt that coats around it’s vest. I’m kinda jealous, as I’m currently sitting in my bedroom in jogging bottoms, greasy hair and wondering if it’s ever gonna stop raining.

The band hark back to their more playful sound as ‘Around The World’ features a guitar riff that’s played high enough to say hello to ‘The Bucket’, which is backed up nicely with a rolling drum beat and percussion to ramp up it’s jovial nature. It’s a great song, and one that makes me glad to see Kings Of Leon still able to produce.

‘Over’ signals the band’s intent to focus on a more emotive sound for WALLS. Six minutes of scuzzy riffs, layered politely with numerous amounts of melodies makes this track sway along the airwaves like a light breeze. Caleb’s vocals range from soaring into the skies to pained beyond belief, driving everything with a nice tempo. This is also apparent on the title track, which closes out the record with a piano-driven instrumental to round everything off in sombre fashion.

WALLS is another solid record from Kings of Leon. It’s got everything you could want from them these days – a set of ten tracks that feature all of the chilled vibes and Caleb’s gravelly vocal candy in the world. There are hints of playful material scattered scarcely amongst what is primarily a more emotive record from the band, overall producing a pretty complete sound.

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