Line Mari is a singer-songwriter from Norway and this is her brand new single Haters. You may have heard her previous single ‘Crush’, an infectious pop nugget which caught the attention of numerous websites and blogs around the world and immediately boosted her reputation as one to keep an eye on for the future. Both songs are set to be featured on an upcoming album which is set for release next month.

Like ‘Crush’, Haters is a track embedded in sadness. Line’s vocals project a voice pained by lyrics that reveal memories of hurt and anguish, which is paired up with an instrumental that’s icy in its production and cold in its execution. Frozen drums, stark piano and sparkling synthesisers form a landscape that’s isolated in tone but accessible enough to attract the masses.

Haters is a solid song from Line Mari. It’s a track that needs to be concentrated on a little more than a standard pop tune but revels in its ability to suck the listener in to its downbeat atmosphere. I’m excited to hear what’s to come from Line Mari, and whether or not the upcoming album will follow a similar tone. Stream Haters here.

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