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I’ve always had a sense of unease when it comes to Two Door Cinema Club. When they burst onto the scene with a particular strain of twee it filled me with a mild rage and made me determined not to fall into their effortlessly simple hooks which saw tracks like ‘What You Know’ and ‘Something Good Can Work’ dominate the radio and all of my friends’ libraries. Nowadays however, I have seen the light and while I can never walk into a Debenhams ever again I can say that I’ve been looking forward to their new record, Gameshow.

The main reason for my shift to the other extreme is simply because of one song: ‘Bad Decisions’. This track has everything going for it, and I still love it despite hearing it a million times. Soaring synthesisers mix it up with sketchy guitars and driving basslines to produce an instrumental that aims straight for the hips. It’s complimented wonderfully with frontman Tom’s on-point falsetto which only adds to the disco grooves that’s already oozing out of it. It’s excellent, and the band’s shift into a much more developed, layered, disco-tinged sound is one that fortunately sticks around throughout Gameshow too.

‘Ordinary’ sticks firmly to the funk quota by immediately filling the airwaves with an instrumental which meanders its way to greet you on the dancefloor. Guitars lay down some hot licks throughout, and the crunchy synths which follow the vocals? Awesome. It’s a superb track, and one which helps continue the strong set of ‘Bad Decisions’/’Ordinary’/’Gameshow’; with the title track adding some much needed oomph to the record.

The backend of the record sees the sombre side of the band’s sound come out in strong fashion too. ‘Invincible’ slows down the tempo but ramps up the atmosphere with soaring vocals, pummelling synths and huge guitar roars to produce a hugely anthemic sound. The two sides combine nicely with ‘Good Morning’ once again producing another mid-paced listen that’s full of funky licks and sombre synths.

Gameshow is a fantastic record. Two Door Cinema Club have done well to extend their careers beyond the initial ‘first album rush’ to the spotlight and have carved out a solid niche in the industry for those wishing to hear some superb indie music mixed with a hint of groove. The singles are great, and the deep cuts provide an equal amount of satisfaction too. Excellent stuff.

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