The Mono LPs – L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E / Single Review


The Mono LPs are a band from Liverpool and this is their new single L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E. It comes from their upcoming new album ‘State of Decay’ which recently made it’s goal on Pledgemusic and boy, it’s a punchy little number.

Heavy strikes of guitars and drums immediately throw haymakers to the face as L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E gets underway in strong fashion. The Mono LPs throw all sorts of melody and harmony into the mix, expanding the track’s atmosphere into one that makes the eardrums giddy with glee. The vocals deliver a solid male/female dynamic that’s full of passion and energy; perfect for the theme and tone of the song. The cello also gets involved, delivering little hints of sound throughout but does get its moment to shine with a little solo that actually sounds pretty awesome. Rock on the Cello.

L.O.V.E & H.A.T.E is a great song from The Mono LPs. It contains a lot of the passion and energy that comes from both emotions, and produces a hard hitting sound as a result. Great stuff; can’t wait for the record.

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