The November Gales is the new EP from songwriter Jackson Reed. If you like your music to pair up strong topics like the Vietnam War with sunny, lighthearted instrumentals then this is the release for you. Throughout the EP Jackson Reed uses his abilities in music to provide a nostalgic soundtrack to his reminiscing. Whether it’s about something that happened forty years ago or a couple months ago, this is a collection of tracks that makes you want to relive the past as well.

‘Generation Vietnam’ sees Jackson ponder what it must have been like to be randomly selected to partake in the Vietnam War ‘generation Vietnam/I don’t even own a gun’. This heavy dose of “Whoah, man” is mixed alongside an instrumental that utilises the warm sounds of the acoustic guitar to produce a rather lighthearted listen, all things considered. ‘Goodbye Endless Summer’ is something we’ve all said before. I remember saying it during the first summer I had a job; no more summer break for me – which is depressing.

‘Welcome Home’ showcases Jackson’s wonderful talent in layering instrumentals as simple acoustic guitars pair up against striking basslines, sweet drums and piano to deliver what is easily the highlight of the EP. This is also true for ‘Dearest Surrender’, which closes out The November Gales in a wonderful way.

Jackson Reed has wowed with The November Gales. This EP is a collection of four tracks that feature stunning instrumentals and a hint of nostalgia to produce something that’s perfect for the lazy days. It’s a wonderful little EP, and I love it very, very much.

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