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Song of the Week / Invisible Boy – All the Kids

SOTW is Invisible Boy's 'All The Kids'!


Invisible Boy is the project of Polica bassist Chris Bierden. This has been his moniker for the past ten years and in January he will be releasing his debut self-titled album – I’ve always been a fan of thorough practice. All The Kids is the first taste of what to expect from Invisible Boy, and boy does it taste good.

With stark piano chords and wandering guitars All The Kids fills the eardrums with an atmosphere crafted straight from the 70’s, delivering psychedelic vibes and glorious soaring melodies along the way. Bierden’s haunting vocals meander across the sounds much like the likes of Pink Floyd and King Crimson would do in their heyday, which only adds to the vast listening experience. It sticks firmly to it’s rhythm throughout, forever producing an emotive tone that’s steeped in old school nostalgic goodness.

All the Kids is a wonderful song, and one that’s incredibly easy to get lost in. Invisible Boy has done a great job at creating a modernised take on the psychedelic sounds of the 70’s, and packs it full of melodies and harmonies to keep everything as wishy-washy as possible. It’s superb.

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