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Silence descends upon an individual determined to get an early night’s sleep as darkness begins to swallow the world in a blanket of black. The wind descends into a low, grumbling noise while everything hides in the shadows. Suddenly, a noise disrupts proceedings. The blanket ruffles, the wind growls in disturbance, and the individual’s eyes snap wide open. She walks, she creeps, she’s here.

WTCHS return to the scene with the release of new album She Walks, She Creeps. After experiencing a turbulent time which saw an entire album’s worth of material scrapped the Canadian behemoth returns with a vengeance. An extra set of members sees the band return even stronger than before, and with solidity comes fury. We’ve heard two tracks so far – ‘You Own Your Bones’ and ‘Black Actors’ –  which signal a shift into a sound that offers increased timeframes to some terrifyingly destructive music, firmly marking this new record and new chapter of WTCHS as it’s best yet.

The fact that these two tracks were chosen as the “singles” for the record showcases the intent that WTCHS wish to bring upon us. Both of them feature pummelling instruments comprised of numerous onslaughts of guitar riffs and drums which pound their way into the skull with the purpose to continue mashing up the brain. Harrowing vocals scream and wail their way through the atmospheres like distant echoes of what was once a stable set of band members before making their way through the darkness.

What’s even more terrifying is that She Walks, She Creeps features tracks of three to four minute lengths that offer no escape from the scenes. ‘Old Crowns’ is simply a condensed version of ‘You Own Your Bones’ which only features the scariest parts, whereas ‘Whitney At The Rifle Range’ offers a more melodic descent into hell. There’s no escape; the only way to make it out is to try and survive through it all.

She Walks, She Creeps is a fantastic record from WTCHS. It’s a record that’s steeped in all the tools to create fear and anxiety but also comes packed with interesting melodies, harmonies which fit tight within the thick walls of guitar riffs and repeatedly tortured drums. WTCHS have come out of their writer’s block better than ever and the result is something that’s terrifyingly superb throughout. She walks, she creeps, she scares, she retreats. Until next time.

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