Love Zombies – Birthday / Single Review


I’d love to be a love zombie, constantly trawling the streets for hands to hold and dogs to hug, it’d be awesome and would make The Walking Dead so much lovelier than it is (no spoilers for the Season 7 premiere but good god, somebody hold me). Anyway, Birthday is the new single from Love Zombies, and if you’re a fan of some head smashing power pop, this is the song for you.

With guitar riffs set to loud and melodies designed to get you excited Birthday is a track that brings out a passionate and energetic performance from Love Zombies. It’s full of sing-along vocals, hard hitting drums and numerous reasons to get seriously freakin’ hyped for your birthday. The melodies and lead licks are face meltingly good, and the whole thing just sounds so delicious. It’s a great track.

Love Zombies are set to release debut album ‘Passionfruit’ early next year and aside from being a cool name they’ve also caught the attention of Alain Johannes. I am a huge fan of QOTSA and the Desert Rock scene so to hear that Alain is involved and Joey Castillo is contributing drums makes the hype level for the record skyhigh. I cannot wait.

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