Song of the Week / Forever Cult – See Thru


Forever Cult are one of those bands who always manage to come back into your life with something great every time. See Thru is the latest single to come from the Leeds trio and could be their catchiest yet. I’m a huge fan of these guys and Clue Records so am very excited to see that Forever Cult will be releasing the ‘Homewrecker EP’ early next year. Awesome.

See Thru aims straight for the face as rusty guitars immediately get to work, laying down a thick riff that chugs along against solid basslines and vocals that aim to drawl all over the place. Forever Cult do a great job at keeping things bouncy as they throw all sorts of melodies into the mix to help ramp up the poppier side of their pop/grunge sound. This doesn’t make things seem watered down however, as the trio maintain a lot of their gritty elements and passionate performances to produce a track that’s gutsy as it is accessible.

It’s another great track from Forever Cult. See Thru showcases the band’s progression from a scrappy grunge-tinged project into a fully-fledged act that know how to create some excellent material. I cannot wait to hear the upcoming EP, as this track is awesome.

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