Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt returns to the eardrums with New Friends, a new single which showcases his ability to wow with his simple vocal + guitar formula while also embracing some extra elements too. If you haven’t checked out our interview with him from last week then I highly recommend you do so, as it brings a bit of life and context behind the track, and of the man behind it.

New Friends kicks off with a simple, light acoustic guitar playing numerous chords and cute melodies against HiaHC’s breathy vocal that haunts into the wind with it’s touch of reverb. This intro is something you’d expect to hear from the California-residing man if you’ve heard such records as ‘Tweaker in the Park’ and ‘Better Days’, but then comes the start of something lovely.

Synthesiser kicks in to add a bit of cover to the flanks of the acoustic chords and a touch of femininity comes into the fold as Katy Kirby (great name) delivers some wonderful harmonies to the mix to envelop New Friends into a many-layered affair. Katy then joins in on the vocals, providing a secondary backdrop to the vocals which creates a nice contrast against the warm acoustic sounds.

It’s a lovely little tune from Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt. Since the very start of writing about music I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by his ability to craft something that’s sweet and full of melodies and harmonies. Now with these new elements possibly sticking around this could see a new change in the sound of HiaHC, and one that I shall continue to enjoy very much from him. Nice work mate.

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