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Release of the Week / Mayer Hawthorne – Party of One

Hey, how's it going? You look lovely, what are you up to? Oh really, nothing to do? How 'bout we check out this new Mayer Hawthorne record?...


Mayer Hawthorne is one cool dude. Since stumbling upon the debut Tuxedo record last year I have become infatuated with his smooth voice and equally seductive sound, which saw my infatuation confirmed thanks to the release of his latest solo album ‘Man About Town’ earlier this year. Not one to disappoint, Mr. Hawthorne has announced round 2 of this steamy eardrum session with the release of new EP Party Of One, which features three tracks set to continue this little rendezvous.

The EP looks set to continue the theme of heartbreak and loneliness which featured so predominantly on ‘Man About Town’. ‘Someone Like You’ kicks things off with a warm bassline + palm muted guitar riff to produce a groove that immediately sinks down to the hips. Mayer Hawthorne’s trademark croon slips into the mix against introductions of horns and synths to properly ramp up the sense of longing for a partner without making things too emotional. It’s a great track.

‘A New Love’ follows with a real James Bond vibe as gutsy horns mix with piano chords and strong drums to create an instrumental that would make any walk to the shops seem badass. Hawthorne opts for the falsetto this time which leads the instruments into the hooks effortlessly, producing yet another well-rounded tune. This is then followed up by the EP’s closing track ‘Time For Love’, which brings things to a close in an upbeat, mo town-tinged affair.

Party of One is a superb EP from Mayer Hawthorne. It’s clear the smoothest man around is in need of some company, but he does a great job at keeping everything steeped in groove with some excellent instrumentation throughout. I’m seeing the man in flesh soon so I’ll give him a hug.

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