Liner Notes #3 / November 16

It’s November.

November, November…November. Goodness me. How we’ve managed to travel into the eleventh month of 2016 is beyond me, it’s been a complete blur. It also makes me feel a little bad that the majority of it has been spent inside an open plan office pretending to care a lot about finance 8 hours a day Monday to Friday, but nevermind.

November’s a funny month as it follows Halloween (I dressed as Finn from Adventure Time, nobody had a clue, my hipster desires fulfilled) and precedes the countdown to Christmas (despite what every single retail store tells you) so it’s kinda left to sit in the middle like a very chilly Malcolm. One thing it does have going for it is that it still bares the remnants of Autumn so the streets are littered with the summer coats of Trees and it adds a little touch of red, orange and yellow to an otherwise dull concrete floor.

It also has the charm of allowing everybody to watch Christmas films without coming across as too eager or strange. I’m planning to conduct an absolute marathon of seasonal cinema over the course of this weekend with my other half, and hope she doesn’t mind too much about watching Elf about a zillion times over the coming weeks. There might also be an increase in quoting Elf/Jingle All The Way and sobbing at The Polar Express too.

Music-wise I’ve actually got a packed schedule for the tail end of the year as I’m attending a couple gigs. I’d love to go to more gigs but with a full time job and having about a billion other hobbies it goes on the backburner for a bit. Next weekend I’m seeing Mayer Hawthorne at the Brooklyn Bowl in London which is going to be steamy, sexy and involve a lot of gyrating (possibly) and then in December I’m gonna check out female duo Honeyblood at the Scarla which might involve the same amount of steam but perhaps not the sexy and the gyrating. Maybe.

Blog-wise I’m gonna start developing some lists together for the most wonderful time of the year: List Week. The final weeks of December is usually my time to showcase my list making abilities by ranking all of the Albums, EPs and Singles featured on Sounds Good and EHS throughout the year, and hopefully not regret my decisions as to what hits the #1 spot. It’s gonna be stressful, and probably not worth it, but it will be fun, and by god do I love making lists.

So that’s it. There might not be any content posted next week as I’m away in Bath for the weekend being all romantic and that, but I’ll make sure to make the existing content from this week the most exciting and amazing pieces of literature you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. With love, with care, take it easy. – Adam.

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