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With the beginning of Winter comes a lot of sleepiness. While we’re greeted with light in the mornings now, it’s only a matter of time before darkness is the first thing we see when we wake and the last thing we’ll see when we sleep. Not only does this make the wonderful SAD condition rear it’s weary head again, it also puts the world in a constant state of tired. It’s the perfect setting for female trio Slumbers to introduce themselves to the world with the release of debut single Battle, a perfectly subdued track detailing the woes of leaving college and wondering what the hell to do now.

A simple, hazy guitar riff kicks off Battle as Slumbers steady themselves with a series of youth-embracing vocals and a mid-paced tempo that attempts many times to get itself out of bed. The trio fill this track with a lot of space, which allows the drums to be heard against the collaborating vocals and the subdued twinkling of the guitars. There’s also a little surprise as a short saxophone riff comes into play throughout, immediately piquing interest and generating a little bit of romantic sentiments into proceedings.

Battle is a great song from Slumbers. It has all the laid-back qualities you could ever want from a song that aims to be easy-going, while also performing a couple interesting instrumentals too. Slumbers’ debut EP ‘Come Over’ is also set for release towards the end of November, so there’s that little treat to look forward to too.

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