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Saint Motel probably aren’t the household name you expect them to be, but considering just how huge and how many times their songs have appeared on TV, adverts and FIFA games you’d think they’d be a big deal. Their new album saintotelevision is not only a great pun, but also around ten songs’ worth of reasons why you should make them your new favourite band.

‘Move’ kicks things off with a swinging affair of a tune with a huge wash of horns and vocal hooks to immediately get things grooving to the point that anticipation begins to sweat with excitement. This is followed with ‘Getaway’ which features a beat that pulsates straight to the hips and successfully continues the trend to keep everything bouncing like the biggest trampoline around.

My personal highlight comes next as ‘Destroyer’ throws down some sweet saxophone riffs to take things to a whole new level of danceable thunder. Saint Motel accompany the saxiest instrument in music with a booming chorus, numerous noodles of guitar riffs and a drum beat that snaps it’s way to the dancefloor. It’s a great song.

Saintmotelevision is a fantastic album from Saint Motel. As well as the aforementioned tracks, this record is packed full of material that’s steeped with hooks that are guaranteed to put a smile on your pretty little face. ‘You Can Be You’, ‘Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY)’ and ‘For Elise’ are all heart-influenced tunes perfect to add a little uplift, while ‘Happy Accidents’ closes things on a high note. A great album.

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