I’ve mentioned it before, but nothing fills me with greater joy than an email written specifically (or at least, appears to be) for me. So often are the music bloggers of the world treated to a simple copy paste job that it’s actually quite bad for it to be a surprise when an actual human being wishes to start an actual human conversation with you. Howlie is an individual who started the actual human conversation and with a smattering of wonderfully honest acoustic tunes at his disposal, I think I want to be his friend. If I may say a pun here, I believe the first two words I said upon receiving his email was “Howlie Moley”.

Howlie is a solo acoustic artist who likes the comfort of his bedroom to produce a DIY sound that’s complete with one-take recording sessions and the encouragement for background noises to make a cameo or two. His material ranges from short acoustic diddys like ‘As I’m Dangling’ to the heart on the sleeve, Tinder-date binging vibes of ‘Pretty Girls’ and despite following the simple Man and His Guitar formula, Howlie does a great job at filling his songs with relatively honest lyricism, simple pop chords and effortlessly lovely harmonies too.

I’m hoping to hear an EP or an album out of Howlie soon, as his lo-fi, DIY sound is something that’s perfect to hear at any time. Check out his Bandcamp here, and just fall in love with all of his songs as they’re great.

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