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Release of the Week / Sports – People Can’t Stop Chillin

Sports' superb new EP 'People Can't Stop Chillin' is our #ROTW!


There are little things in life better than sitting on the beach during the close of the day. The sun begins to lower it’s head, signalling an increasing desire to retreat back into bed which in turn starts to turn off the lights of the world. As the sun sets, and the tide swims out into the ocean, an overwhelming sense of relaxation creeps. There’s nothing to worry about, everything is calm, and everything is good.

Sports’ new EP People Can’t Stop Chillin is a record that perfectly accompanies the above. Opening track ‘Someone You’d Rather Be Dating’ lazily moves into place with its soft synth sounds, easy-going guitar melodies and swaying-ly delightful basslines. It sets off in motion with all the time in the world, and does a wonderful job at sounding dramatic but chilled simultaneously, and you cannot ignore how good that chorus is.

The band’s 80’s-inspired sound features all of the collectedness of Tame Impala and the wishy washy palette of Washed Out to produce something steeped in sound but reserved enough to maintain a laid back atmosphere throughout. ‘Drivin’ on by You’ sees bold vocals direct the pace of the synths, which rush into the airwaves with a beat that crashes over the reverb’d drums like a wave of peace. The peace is kept throughout ‘Takin’ a Cruise’ as background noise fills the air as a backdrop for some sweet saxophone playing. It has the air of stumbling across somebody playing the heck out of a saxophone on top of a cliff, which for some reason is the strangest stock photo I’ve come across so far.

People Can’t Stop Chillin is a fantastic EP from Sports. It has a rare ability to display a high level of different harmonies, melodies and excellent songwriting without allowing anything to become too layered or urgent. It’s brilliant, and feels just like a day at the beach.

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