There are certain individuals I envy every day. David Attenborough gets to become one with nature, a member of staff at Dog’s Trust who gets to look after a billion dogs, a music blogger actually gets paid, and Bruno Mars. Since bursting onto the scene with his blend of sickeningly sweet love songs he’s made a little transition into a straight up baller full of dance moves, sweet croons and excellent tunes. He provided the vocals and drive behind arguably the best single of the decade in ‘Uptown Funk’ and now he’s decided to take those vibes on to his third album, 24K Magic.

As noted about the biggest stars, not a lot of time was needed to build up hype. One week we saw the release of lead single ‘24K Magic’ which immediately racked up nearly 200 million plays on Spotify and roughly the same plays on Youtube, but with it’s effortless feel good vibes it’s easy to see why. References to looking fly and being a player allows the lads to feel like they could hit the club like a big deal, whereas the ladies are treated to being called sexy which is overarched by the desire to get everybody to have a good time.


Fortunately this upbeat momentum continues throughout as 24K Magic delivers hit after hit despite its short nine track timeframe. ‘Chunky’ offers a deep-rooted bass guitar determined to add a little heat to the atmosphere, and with numerous references to the booty littered throughout this record, it’s clear that Bruno Mars worships the junk in that trunk. The flank in that bank. The seeds in that peach.

James Brown lends his spirit through the sounds of ‘Perm’ which jolts and moves its way through the dancefloor with snappy guitar riffs and funky drums inbetween Bruno’s lines of “I love you!” “It’s my Birthday!”, which is akin to lines to try and get laid when out with the lads. Similar lines could involve “I got baptised today”, “It’s the second Saturday of September” and “My Guinea Pig just died this morning”.

24K Magic is a surprisingly good record from Bruno Mars. It’s one that detracts away from all of the soppiness of his last two records and delivers something that universally could be appreciated by all. It’s first half offers all of the hits and tunes designed to get the club mentality hyped up, but eventually mellows out into offering some very nice lovelier tunes in the form of ‘Versace on the Floor’, ‘Calling All My Lovelies’ and the sweet closer ‘Too Good to Say Goodbye’. It’s a great record.

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