ROTW | War Nurse – Distress Calling EP


“Intrusive painful memories manifest in vacancy. Flashbacks reignite traumatic internalized stimuli once lost, followed by troubled sleep, persistent bad dreams fuelled by guilt about things done or not done, social isolation, withdrawal, and alienation. Jumpiness is a static personality trait featuring startle responses, anxiety, and terminal misconduct. All are Distress Calling.”

Badass. Distress Calling is the new EP from War Nurse, and with a bio like that it has got to be something else. I’ve recently been playing Battlefield 1 and this is exactly the kind of music I wish to soundtrack my ability to die over and over again, but have a great time regardless. Six songs of pure thunderous rock music.

‘Shame and Judgement’ kicks off the EP with a lot of the above. Synthesisers kick in with an other-worldly beat that transcends into a sample of rally cries and war speeches, before War Nurse storm the airwaves with a wave of guitars delivering a relentless beatdown of riffs. This instrumental piece sets up the atmosphere of Distress Calling perfectly: a harrowing onslaught of guitars and synths.

‘Hounds’ follows with an 80’s-esque intro complete with cascading synthesiser sounds and rolling drum beats, before the guitars take charge with another dose of riffage. This high tempo tune allows vocals to slip in and make their first appearance on the EP, directing the track into a sound that is distressing while also having a slight groove to it too. This is also true for ‘Uprise Syndrome’ in which the ballad of the EP heads for the skies as it delivers an anthemic performance out of War Nurse.

Distress Calling is a superb EP from War Nurse. It’s ability to create a war-torn atmosphere filled with a frantic and unnerving tone is brilliant, and the way that the band blend the sounds of rough guitar riffs with ambient synthesisers is pretty good too. Great stuff.

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